Microdermabrasion offers a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing by gently exfoliating the outer layer of the skin.
An excellent and progressive solution to open pores/ blackheads/ pigmentation/ blemish/ acne scars & much more.
The treatment also helps to increase new collagen & elastin fibres, resulting in a firmer and more toned texture.

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Diamond tip Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion provides immediate and visible results for ageing skin, lines and wrinkes, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars, stretch marks and so much more. You'll see the difference after just one treatment, however for more problematic skin a course of treatments may be required. (40 min)
Course 3 - £100
Course 6 - £190
Inc: Thermotherapy, Ultrasound, and Cryotherapy 
Thermotherapy warms and softens the epidermal tissue.
Ultrasound will increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin (proteins)and renew damaged tissue.
Cryotherapy will sooth, calm, close pores and reduce the appearance of redness on the epidermis after treatments such as microdermabrasion  or microcurrent. 

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Current Treatment Offers

The list below shows all of our standard treatments that are on special offer at the moment. Please also see our Special Offers page for more..

Eyelash Extensions

Semi - permanent individual lashes are applied to the natural lashes to create extension and volume. 

A re-visit is required between1-3 weeks to maintain and look after your lashes.


Full set                                 £35

Lash fill (7-14)days            £20

Lash fill (2-3)weeks            £25

After 3 weeks full price will be charged.

A skin test is required 24hrs prior to treatment
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